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The Most Trusted Name in Duct Manufacturing

We continually strive to develop more efficient products and techniques to satisfy the growing needs of the Semi-Conductor, Aerospace and Solar Energy industries.


ATS in the news

ATS Duct Inc.  has been the leader in Fiberglass duct & pipe manufacturing since 1978.

Fire Test

ETFE w Teflon – Fire test

PPs vs ATS – Split-screen

Polypropylene PPS – 4 cameras, real-time

TI Testing Regular FRP

FM 4922 test at UC Berkeley Fire Test Station Fiberdyne FM approved duct with intumescent paint

80 Foot duct test of ATS designed according to Texas Instruments configuration

FM 4922 test at UC Berkeley Fire Test Station ATS FM approved duct

How-To – Videos and books

Installation Guide – Videos by Chapter

Making a HOT TAP

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